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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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we will talk policy and politics with senator rubio. it is a fox news sunday exclusive. >> then, six months before election day, the economic recovery remains uncertain. we will ask our sunday panel what the latest jobless numbers mean for president obama's re-election bid. and our power player of the week takes us behind the scenes of jeopardy. right now. >> and hello, again from fox news in washington. president obama officially launched the re-election bid this week. with mitt romneyry the republican nominee and we wanted to discuss the economy and key foreign policy issues with a man many republicans want to see as romney's running mate, florida senator rubio who joins us from family. senator, welcome back to fox news sunday. >>guest: good morning.
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>>chris: president obama kicked east campaign this weekend saying that voters face a choice between his agenda of reform and the old republican agenda. >> they time they want bigger tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. this time they want even deeper cuts to things like education and medicare. and now after a long and spirited primary, republicans in congress have found a nominee for president who has promised to rubber stamp this agenda. >>chris: romney has endorsed the house budget which called for more tax cuts for the wealthy and more spending cuts for programs for the poor and middle class. >>guest: well, the president does not have a budget. and neither does the congress. neither does the senate. it has not produce add budget. this campaign is simple. it is not a difficult one to understand. this president asked us to hire him four years ago on the promise he knew how to fix the
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economy and he would be different. he would unite this country. that's the standard to judge him that he set. the economy is worse off. the debt is $5 trillion higher and he is divisive. the rhetoric today is like anyone else in washington. all the things that made him different and special four years ago are gone and now all he does is run dividing americans against each other, because he cannot run on the record. >>chris: he says he inherited a mess, it is an old phrase, he inherited a mess, the programs are working more slowly than he thought and the republican agenda would take us back to the mess. >>guest: well, of course that is what he is saying but facts are different. he inherited a difficult economic climate and he knew that. but a reason why he won is because he told the american people he knew how to fix it and he ran up $5 trillion debt and you have more people since 1981 that are underemployed,
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unemployed or stopped look for work. you saw the jobs report on friday it is abysmal and things are not better. the first two years the party controlled both chambers of congress and he could have had anything he wanted and he got those, the health care bill, and the stimulus, and it is getting worse. he is accountable for that. so, obviously he does not want to run on that record so he wants the campaign about anything but his record. >>chris: romney responded to the president's speech yesterday with a new video attacking the president's record on the economy. take a look at that. >> the real question. >> job creation numbers small for the third straight month. >> now just how we are doing today but tomorrow. >>chris: romney says job growth should be 500,000 a month not 115,000 last month, and unemployment should be 4 percent
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not 8.1 percent. but, here are a couple of statistics. the fact is, this country has achieved 500,000 job a month job growth only two months in the last 20 years and as governor of massachusetts romney never had 4 percent unemployment. >>guest: first of all we want a problem with high expectation. we want a president that understands the way things are is not acceptable. we have to make them better. the steeper the fall, in essence, the steeper the recession the faster and sharper the recovery should be. that is what governor romney is talking about. i have faith there is nothing wrong with the american people. the american people are the backbone of this committee. they have not run out of good ideas or run out of ideas for businesses to open. memorial -- american people have not forgotten how to create jobs. if you look at president's record it is a record of
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policies that make it harder for americans to start a business or grow an existing business. and, then creating new jobs. i'm glad we have a nominee with high expectations for the american economy because the american people have high expectations. >>chris: when you say that the president's policies have made it harder to start a new business or hire people, give me two examples where you think the obama administration policy makes it harder and romney easier. >>guest: well, the president has run up $5 trillion debt. that creates tremendous worry of the future. people see that and say this is a country running up massive debt and they are destined for massive tax increase to pay it off. that scares people from investing in the economy. without investment money how do you open a business or grow existing business? second, uncertainty of the tax code. you have a president that goes around the country using the tax code as a weapon for class warfare dividing americans against each other. and looking for the solution to
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every problem the nation faces is a tax increase on someone. and the third is the regulatory environment, the health care law is endless stream of regulations so if you are small business person you are afraid to hire employees because you have no idea how much it will cost to comply with health care and i did not make those up and i hear from real people in florida that are afraid of hiring people or starting a new business, because of things directly attributable to this president and his administration. >>chris: senator, now the other big story this week, and that is the case of the chinese dissident chen guangcheng who the government now says can apply for a travel permit to go to the united states to study. before secretary of state, hillary clinton worked out this deal with the beijing government, mitt romney weighed in. here is what he said about the
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chen case. >> this is a dark day for freedom. and a day of shame for the obama administration. did governor romney overreact in the middle of the diplomatic crisis? >>guest: no, i don't think so. this crisis is a reminder of what we are dealing with in china. we hope there are reformers in the government pushing for a more open system but we know we are dealing with people that are paranoid and control freaks. and totalitarian system. they control everything from the words you can search on the internet to who visits this gentleman when he was in jail, i'm sorry, in the hospital. these are things that we are dealing with. second, there is a propensity thing has of unwillingness to force any assert america's values. tragically we saw that in 2009 during the green revolution in
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iran and we see that here now, in china, where somehow this administration looked reluctant to forcefully assert the united states defense of human rights and principles of human rights, of respect for human rights and democracy and freedom. that is troubling. i'm not sure why this administration has this propensity to feel reluctant to assert america's principles we should be proud of the values and principle and make the world a better place. >>chris: the obama administration this week, also, has played up, understandly, the president's decision to launch the raid to kill osama bin laden and vice president suggests romney may not have made the same call. >> thanks to president obama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. you have to ask yourself: if mitt romney were president would he have used the same slogan in
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reverse? >>chris: is that fair game in politics? secondly, senator, what do you think of joe biden especially for foreign policy? >>guest: well, joe biden's record on foreign policy is being wrong on everything he ever advised or ever asked for from dividing iraq, to telling the president not to go in and do the operation. that being said, he is a very nice person, but vice president biden has a tendency to say interesting things to say the least. let me focus on this issue of bin laden. that was a proud day for all americans. our armed forces did a go nominal job and the president made an important and wise decision and he got the due credit, rightfully so. now he is taking it further. he has taken something that should unite the american people, a moment of pride, and, instead, turned it to a weapon for political warfare. that is wrong for the president and the vice president to take this issue and use it for
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politics and, it goes back to the point i tried to make, when this president ran for office in 2008, he said he was going to be different. he would be a post partisan uniters to bring americans together and 3 1/2 years later the president has become like anyone else in washington, dc. the obsessive effort to get the re-election he lost himself and he has lost what makes him different and this issue of how they used the bin laden raid is an example of how his administration has become just like everyone else. >>chris: you are a member of the senate foreign affairs committee and the senate intelligence committee so i want a lightning round, quick questions and quick answers. first, iran, you say we should pursue a duel track with sanctions and keeping open the possibility of negotiations while on the other end preparing for a possible military strike. is that exactly what president obama is doing? >>guest: well, the tactics are
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one thing. the attitude toward the tactics are another. for example, i am concerned the president and his administration have put too much faith in the negotiation route particularly if success of the negotiations are deemed willingness to continue to negotiate. it is not an indefinite period of time. generally the track i outlined is one people have built a consensus around. i raise that point on iran, i didn't raise it as a criticism, i raised it as an observation of the right way to handle it. we need to do a better job of preparing our allies for the reality at the end of the day if negotiations and sanctions do not work there will be a need more military actions. we cannot tolerate the world would agree, i think, a nuclear iran. >>chris: you say we should continue foreign aid as you put it "as a cost effective way to advance our values and interests." romney said we should cut foreign aid by $100 million.
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is he wrong? >>guest: well, first of all he is looking for efficiency in the budget. it is never a if time to spend more money than we have and never a good time to waste money. but i do think we have made improvements through the challenge grants to ensure the money is getting to those recipients. so, i make the case to governor romney foreign aid0 leverage and allows us to spread our vision through the world. he made an observation from a budgetary perspective but at the end of the day i think we can make a very come peopling argument there are places around the world where without foreign aid the united states would not have the leverage or influence we would want to have. >>chris: a respected foreign policy spokesman who is openly gay resigned from the romney camp this week after he was not allowed to talk to reporters because of opposition from social conservatives. what does that say about
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tolerance both in the romney campaign and not republican party? >>guest: well, i do not know him or the circumstances of the hiring but my understanding he left the campaign on his own volition. his decision to leave. >>chris: but there is after he set up a conference call and he was told "we don't want you to talk," because there was so were concern from social conservatives about the fact they hired a gay and he was the spokesman for the u.s. mission, the united states arch to the united nations for years. >>guest: i don't him. i don't know the circumstances and the campaign has responded to that and i am sure they would respond to you if you asked. what i can tell you and what i have seen not public statements, government romney says they hire people based on merit andc1[ qualifications and ability to do the job. i have seen them state that leading the campaign was a
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decision he made. he was not asked. >>chris: but senator, a point that obama made yesterday, president obama made in the speech yesterday, he says the republicans and romney will take this country back when it comes to gay rights and birth control and when it comes to abortion. >>guest: well, there are differences of opinion between the parties on the issues. for example on the issue of life, yes, the republican party by and large, although there is diversity on the life issua
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religious institution, in this case, the catholic church, to pay for something that the church teaches against. that is what that issue was about. i understand the president turned it into a contraception issues because it ties back to the strategy of his administration. he does not want to run on hissest and they are constantly in search of some issue they can divide the american people on. that is wrong. not what he ran as. i remember the speech in 2004 when he spoke at john kerry's nominating convention say there was not a red america or blue america but a united states of america. what happened to that in the president we have custody a typical washington politician that is prone to false outrage. it is sad. sad to watch. >>chris: senator moving on to a couple more specific issues you propose a scaled back version of the dream act that allowed children of illegal immigrants do get visas if they are either attending college or serving in the military, and, then, would allow them to stay
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in this country while applying for permanent residency. isn't that, and i understand it is scaled back but is that still a form of amnesty? >>guest: no. because we do not create special pathway. we use the existing immigration system to deal with humanitarian issue. and that is the children who entered this country illegally or have overstayed visas illegally, children that follow their parents and their parents put them in this predicament, they are grown up here and engrained in our culture and society, they have much to contribute to our future. the case of a young girl in florida, valedictorian of high school accepted to dartmouth has a deportation order and most americans would say that is crazy. we use the existing immigration system, giving a visa that allows them to stay legally and study and work and in the future if they decide they want to stay
6:17 pm
permanently as i suspect most will, they will be able to do so but they have to avail themselves of existing system. not a special one like the dream act. >>chris: if it is such a good idea and some say you are throwing a life line to mitt romney after his antiimmigration positions, he will say he is studying it. >>guest: it is impossible to ask anyone to take a firm position on a bill not filed. we have only discussed this in concept and we do not have a piece of legislation with the details in it. but the other thing i would say and this is really important, the vast majority overwhelming majority of hispanics in the united states are here legally and i don't have an immigration problem and to suggest the hispanic community is in favor of immigration is wrong. if you are in the hispanic community you know someone or
6:18 pm
have a family member that is deeply impacted by the illegal immigration problem and you are sensitive and compassionate to that. that is why it and so important the republican party be clear about the things we are for and that is what governor romney has been doing, he is for a legal immigration system that works and if we have a legal immigration system that works the illegal immigration problem is much less complicated. >>chris: whether you like it or not, you are widely considered perhaps the frontrunner to be romney's running mate in the full election so deal with that. you are 41. you say thank you look 35. honestly, do you think that you have the experience, the experience, to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? >>guest: well, i am not going to discuss the vice-presidency. i will not -- governor romney has a process in place. i will tell you i am qualified to serve in the united states
6:19 pm
senate. and people can take that from what they want. obviously i have experience first of all at local government where i serve add year and a half and served in state government for nine years, eight of those nine in leadership. i was the majority whip. majority leader. the speaker designate of the florida house and the speaker of the florida house and i serve add year and a half or close to a year in a laugh in the united states senate, so that is my record. i certainly am in the most experienced person in washington, dc. but by the same to when i have experience in serving in government and particularly in the legislative branch in one of the largest and more complex states in the country in terms of public policy. and the good news is each day i gain more experience and what i have learned in washington if you be there to long you believe certain things are no longer possible. if you are there too long you become the way the president has become, divisive, and cynical,
6:20 pm
and always looking for the opportunity to pit americans against each other in a political calculation, and what made president obama different in 2008 he promised to unite america. and talk above these issues. >>chris: senator you have made that point. and now some polling numbers. hispanics make up 46 percent of new mexico population and 27 percent in nevada. and 23 percent in florida. and 21 percent in colorado. right new, obama leads romney among hispanic voters 67 percent to 27 percent. just a professional politician, can romney win the presidency if hispanic votes for obama over him more than 2-1? >>guest: there is no such thing as "the" hispanic vote. it is as diverse as the country. i have a family member, my cousin is the democratic leader of the state senate in nevada. we come from the same family. same background.
6:21 pm
same shared experience. some of it depends where you guy up, without live, the politics of the place you live in, so, cuban americans in new jersey are democrats. cuban americans in miami are republican. there is great diversity. >>chris: but that brings up two points. you would agree he cannot win the presidency if he loses hispanics to obama more than 2-1? >>guest: every state is different. he will not lose hispanics 2-1 in florida. he has the opportunity to written hispanics in florida. he has the opportunity in other parts of the country to make a compelling case. while there is no such thing as the hispanic vote some things unify the community: chief is an economic aspiration. they want to do better for themselves and leave their children better off. if you look at the obama administration record it is not upward mobility but a record of job loss and record unemployment people dropping out of the job search. hispanics have been affected by
6:22 pm
the obama administration's bad policies with regard to the economy. on the other hand, the american free enterprise system which is what romney's campaigning on, that is the only economic system in the history of the world that allows people to climb out of the circumstances of their birth and lead their children better off them themselves. >>chris: senator rubio will you do whatever mitt romney asks, whatever mitt romney asks, to help beat president obama? >>guest: that is a very clever question the i want to be as help. as i can be to our nominee who will be the next president of the united states, and we have e governors and newly elected senators and folks who have been around, a good team of people that can go across the country and sell governor romney's message so i am comfortable he will win. >>chris: when you say you want to be as hopeful as you can be,
6:23 pm
look, i understand you are not campaigning and i understand the idea you want to respect the process and i believe you when you say you don't want to be the choice but if mitt romney says i need you to help me beat obama given your feelings of the country, your red, white and blue patriotism you will not say no to that? >>guest: chris, i knew you would try one more time but i will not talk about the vice presidential process but i can tell you that this are multipole ways someone can help our nominee and i look forward to doing that. hope i did that here today. >>chris: thank you senator rubio, we will see what role you end up playing in the campaign.
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>> we have to move forward. to the future we imagined in 2008 where everyone get as fair shot. and everyone does their fair share. and everyone plays by the same rules. that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >>chris: president obama saturday in ohio, officially kicking off the re-election bid. and time no for our sunday group. bill kristol, and a.b. stoddard,
6:28 pm
and liz cheney, and juan williams. president obama made the same bake argument in the campaign launch bill that he has been making actually for some months now, he wants everyone to get a fair shot and he says romney and the republicans want bigger tax cuts, and bigger spending cuts for the poor, the middle class. is that a winning argument? >> i don't know. there was not a lot about his record in the speech i saw. i missed signature achievement, legislative achievement, and the stimulus, so, he would like to frame this as romney is going back to the bush years and rubber starch for the horrible republican congress and still running as mr. hope and change and all the stuff he has done, do not worry about that. >>chris: i have to say, i was struck, a.b., by how little he
6:29 pm
talked about what he has done in 3 1/2 years in washington and he wants to frame this as a choice define him standing up for the middle class and the poor and romney will protect the rich. >>guest: that is why romney used the same words because the president cannot run on his record you will hear a lost distortion and distraction. and, senator rubio picked up on that theme. >>chris: but were you surprised how little obama talked? >>guest: we have heard for months he will not talk about obamacare or defend the stimulus program. now he has an economy he cannot talk about and a few months ago it looked line we were on the way to a strong economy but that is dimmed so he finds it difficult to touch on a theme that will win swing voters and knock off romney in the fall. the divisive theme of, we can't go back to the hideous republican economic policies he
6:30 pm
is embracing and he will stick by that saying he is the champion of the middle-class and they will take us back to the depression again. what i wonder, in several months, if he doesn't have to, because he seems to take a more presidential tone and he is trying to rev up the students before summer break, and i wonder about his tone in the weeks and months and see what it does to the polling. >>chris: i am sure most did not watch the speech live but the argument was the same argument he made in 2010 which is you give control back to romney and the republicans and they will take us back to the mess we have been trying to dig out of. you can argue whether it is a good or bad message but they tried it in 2010 and they took what the president called a shellacking. why will that work better this time?
6:31 pm
>>guest: well, i don't think that it will. i think he is desperate. there is not much else to run on. we each time i hear him speak, i am reminded about the way the senators operate, they believe if they stand up and say something that is the end of their responsibility and whether it was the speech yesterday or the speech in afghanistan, you have the sense of saying it doesn't make it so. and he is a very effective public speaker from the technique standpoint but when you are facing a situation where the record is so bad and the recovery is so slow, where people are so unhappy, it will be difficult for him to say, yes, just trust me for three or four more years although my policies have been failures. >>chris: juan are we overly negative? a tough panel. >>juan: i am sort of, you know, of a mind when i look at the economy, i understand most americans think we are still in
6:32 pm
a recession. we are not. the fact we have been on a clear recovery and that is what it shows. second, everyone who has investments on wall street knows wall street is back to the point hitting 13,000 so beyond where we were when the great recession started. if you look at the rate of production of services and goods by this economy, it is, again, in excess of where we were when this recession started. what we are doing here is we are saying, listen, shear where the economy is. here is what he has to run on the he has something to run on. and you can say as bill pointed out, he did not talk about obamacare. he does not talk about the stimulus, never mentions that word. but the fact is there are indicators for the american people, for anyone who has the kids coming out of college in
6:33 pm
the spring looking for a job there is reason to think we are on the right track so i disagree with my colleagues. >>chris: let's, having said that, the economic news and we got the latest economic report for april, and on friday, and the news was not good. only 115,000 jobs created. the unemployment rate went down because 342,000 left the workforce. and the pentagon of americans in the workforce, those would have jobs or are looking for jobs, now is 63.6 percent, the lowest in 30 years. the president does note that the private sector has created more than four million jobs the last 26 months. can he sell that as a recovery? >>guest: he can sell it as a mediocre improvement from the situation he inherited. i have tried to thinkp-s)pá will he say in september or october with the real campaign? he has, if he can make the
6:34 pm
situation of his first term and bush's second, he has a chance because the most scary moment is september of 2008 with the mortgage crisis, and the more you think of obama, he will have to hang 2007 and 2008 on the republican nominee's neck and say, recovery may not have been great but it is better than what i inherited. not about his record but he will make mitt romney into the third term george w. bush. >> bill could be right, he may have to say are you better off than in november of 2008. yes, you are. but he is running out of time and we see that from latest numbers. the estimates for growth have been downgrade asked we are just not going to see the growth in the next six months before people go to the polls, it will boost hiring and it is not going
6:35 pm
to change that much. this is not enough progress for americans, they will vote him out. >>chris: before we get overly negative, the fact is he is leading or tied in the polls and a lot people would say he has an easier path to 270 electoral votes than romney does at this point. quick political question, are you considering running for the senate from wyoming? >>guest: i love wyoming. wyoming is my home. and what i have been hearing from people across wyoming is how important it is we defeat president obama in 2012 and they are very afraid about, you ask people in wyoming are you better off than $5 trillion ago and they will say absolutely not. >>chris: the reason i where this up there was a report yesterday you are traveling around the state and you are thinking of running for the senate officer wyoming. ex-i have been honored to have been asked to help support the republican party in wyoming and
6:36 pm
as i said it is my home and a very special place but i am focused on beating president obama. we do not have the luxury of looking beyond this election because the election is going forward. >>chris: to be continued. here. when we come back we will turn to foreign policy and politics. how did the obama administration handle the case of that chinese dissident? ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to get things done. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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6:40 pm
they hand goaled it? all these are tough issues to handle in real time and they just now need to insist the chinese government keep the promise. but, i suspect that they put enough pressure on the chinese government to see to it, i don't think china wants do pay the price but i think it could be that hillary clinton was helped by the uproar here, and she could have said do you really want china to be, everyone in the country to know that which this is the way china treats its people? why not let him go. chris by the end of the week there was a period it looked like the diplomats in beijing had fallen down on the job and
6:41 pm
they allowed chen guangcheng to go to the hospital and lost control and any contact and bit end of the week they had rescued him. >> yes, the test will be in the comes days and weeks to see if he is mistreats or is rearrested or if he will make it here. as planned there is a complicated situation, and more difficult by the fact that chen often changed his desires and his requests and he was thanking the united states one minute and the abandonment of the hospital was the last thing for the united states officials handling over there, but he, call the this a day of shame by romney was a political error for him to weigh in on something happening quickly so sensitive, and it was, as obama suggested that
6:42 pm
romney would not make the same call as the bin laden, maybe it strangely helped but i thought it was politically toned deaf. >> it is a difficult situation, we have a lot of big issues with a chinese, trade, currency manipulation and what china will do or not do for news terms of countries like syria and iran and north korea, how should the administration deal with the issues, but on the other hand protect people like chen? >> the first step is to convey a level of competence that the administration has not been able to convey and if you look what happened with chen it was a famine greedent we have seen, incompetence, in believing you can trust the chinese, and, then, a desire not to offend
6:43 pm
them, not to offend this regime, and they have repeatedly come down on the wrong side of that. senator rubio mentioned the way they dealt with the green revolution, for example, there has been this constant desire not to be perceived as strong or forceful, not to stand up in defense of america values and it limits our ability around the world to defend our interests. >>chris: juan? >>juan: the business of nation building and interfering in other country's sovereign affairs is real and when you are dealing with the chinese the chinese for the long of the time have been using the united states as an enemy, even, and worried of our presence in that whole southeast asia realm. what we are seeing is increased sensitivity by the chinese to their global image and for the first time their willingness to deal with the human rights
6:44 pm
situation in a practical way and that is to say there is a solution, rather than to stand clear and say to the national whose are so strongly anti-american, to say, no, here is a way do do this in terms of giving him the opportunity to go abroad and study, and the only question is, will there be action taken against the friends and other people in china because chen is a symbol of the civil rights movement inside of china and the chinese government can be abusive. >>chris: and now turning to the other big policy this week, president obama made, maybe two weeks ago, made a surprise visit to afghanistan this week on the first anniversary of the raid that took down osama bin laden and the obama campaign release add campaign video which upset some people. take a look.
6:45 pm
>> suppose they were captured or killed? it would have been horrible. >> horrible for him? the thing that strikes me, you could say well it was a misstatement by president clinton but the fact is that it is part of an obama campaign video and the implication seems to be president clinton focused on the political risk to obama more than life-and-death risk to the navy seals. >> president clinton said in the obama campaign video and that is unfortunate and unfortunate for the country. a former president of the united states to make this kind of political message is, i think, odd and inappropriate. i don't think george h.w. public or george w. bush or bill clinton until now did this kind of thing so that is a little strange, and, but it is too bad. >>juan: romney said that is like saying majority would not make this call.
6:46 pm
romney actually said on the campaign trail, i'm not going to move heaven and earth to go after one guy, so, it wouldn't have been a clamaty if it blow up and failed and jimmy carter did the right thing and tried to order a recuse and the secretary of state quit and he did not say, i took a great political risk he said i am president of the united states and i will do the right thing. and we all supported president obama doing it and he would have gotten credit on the first anniversary if they had not politicized this. so i am not --. >>chris: do you think they did? >>juan: i thought they used the anniversary in the way they did. but, the fact is, republicans have dominated on national security, national defense, and most of my life and you are telling me republicans would not have made hay out of this? so who talking politics? obama succeeded in taking most of the national security
6:47 pm
argument off the table for the election. >>chris: and now, liz, the president sign add long term security agreement with karzai on the surprise trip to afghanistan, which commits us in some form, unstated form, for helping the afghan government from after we, our troops leave in 2014 for another 10 years. >>guest: your words "unstated form," that is the key. no one knows what it means. vice president biden's national security advisor said it didn't mean anything and president obama says the war ins in 2014. it is a problem. >>chris: they said it will mean more training and a counterterrorism component to the united states. >> but no ability to use afghan territory to launch strong strikes and we launched bin laden laid from afghanistan. it is unprecedented to have a president who has rejected every major recommendation of commanders on the ground.
6:48 pm
and, now, we learned high confirmed we are negotiating with the taliban in a situation where we said we are leaving in 2014 so they have no incentive to negotiate. you can clearly look at this and say that the president is snatching defeat from what could have been victory in afghanistan. he does not talk about victory or winning. this is no evidence the taliban is broken with al qaeda which he says is the objective and this is no way to verify, frankly, any move in that direction based on the agreement or negotiation. so, it is a dangerous situation. chris thank you. oup picks up wie discussion on our website and follow us on twitter @ "fox news sunday." up next, a special power player of the week. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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>>chris: it has been honored for celebrating and rewarding knowledge. this institution of higher learning is on television five night as week. here is our power player of the week. >> if i could ring in faster than the contestants, and, come up with a correct response before they do, i'm feeling pretty good. >> alex is talking about the appeal of "jeopardy." >> this is jeopardy! chris he has hosted the show for 6,000 episodes over 28 years, and asked what make as good contestant? >> on our show they do well because of their intelligence and skills and game playing
6:53 pm
ability. >> that was of great interest because it came to washington in april. >> the scores at the end of double jeopardy. >> to take five shows with power players, including me. he gave me a few pointers. >> keep in mind you will see it up there and you will hear it as i read it, so it's reinforcing the clues. >> if i hit this it lights up. >> you must respond before the last light goes out. >> the signaling device is as important as knowing the answer. >> and you not ring in until i have read the last syllable of the last word in the chew. if you ring in a fraction of a second too early you lock yourself out for a fraction of a second. >> i learned this the hard way during my practice game with dr. oz and a bbc anchor.
6:54 pm
there were ups. and downs. one of the joys of "jeopardy," is how little it has changed over he decades. i asked more about pop culture, and there was a firestorm in 2001 when he shaved his mustache on a whim. >> we are on the verge of war and, yet, there is so much being made of me shaving the mustache. >> he has been hosting since early 60's in native canada. >> the warmers say too many questions are canada. >> if someone says that they should get get a life. >> you seem to know all the answers. >> do you doubt i know? >>chris: do you dumb it down. for celebrities?
6:55 pm
all he says he can answer two thirds of the clues but as he gets older it does not come as quickly. all people who come to the tapings ask, how would you do, if you were a contestant and i tell them, honestly, a good 30-year-old would clean my clock. >> he has other interests, he going on 12u.s.o. tours to entertain the soldiers and involved in "world vision," that builds schools and provides health care and clean water in third world countries. he now is 71. which raises the biggest question. >> any thoughts of retire increasing. >> yes. i have been thinking about retiring. but i'm torn because i energy doing the show so much. a lot of people have been telling me, you get to go for at least 30, and i have just done 28, so do two more, so, that has a night ring to it. put in your 30, and go help
6:56 pm
people. >>chris: the power mayors runs the week of may 14th, in washington, dc and my game is wednesday, may 16th. he says they did make it a little ease other for us, than the usual contestants. up next, we hear from you. ♪ na, na... ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ goodbye [ flushing ] ♪ [ both ] ♪ na, na... [ woman ] ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye [ male announcer ] with kohler's powerful,
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[ all ] double miles! [ brays ] what's in your wallet? can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. >>. >> chris: time for comments you >> time now for comments we posted to our blog, wallace watch. and we've got quite a few from last week's show. kevin wrote about the counterterrorism advisor pictures of bin laden with the gies of citing violence.
6:59 pm
william had this reaction to our conversation with preacher joel ossteen. he is sincere man but i wish he could evolve his scripture regarding gay. >> please be sure to keep your comments coming. you can find us at have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. >> helped murder american sailors aboard the u.s.s. cole. one of the fbi's most wanted is dead. what we're hearing about the terrorist takedown and six months before americans go to vote. e


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